NAVCES (Healthcare Navigation + Access)

Cash Back Rewards Program

Get better care at a Fair Price
and be rewarded for it

Let our team of Patient Advocates, Nurses & Physicians guide you to High-Value Doctors & Facilities where you can earn cash back rewards and save hundreds even thousands on medical services.

How can you earn Cash Back Rewards?

Call, Click, or Chat with a Care Guide when you need a medical test, procedure, or surgery. A Care Guide will navigate you to High-Quality, High-Value Providers for the test, procedure, or surgery. When members use the recommended provider they are eligible to earn Cash Back Rewards.

Redeem your Cash Back Rewards by sending proof of service with the recommended medical provider to navces by submitting your Insurance Provider’s Explanation of Benefits and/or your Itemized Medical Bill.

An EOB is a statement from your health insurance plan describing what costs it covered for medical care or products you’ve received. The EOB is generated when your provider submits a claim for the services you received. The insurance company sends you EOBs to help make clear: The cost of the care you received
Itemized Bill – lists details on the services you were provided, including dates and charges for each service. In most states, patients have a right to receive this bill upon request.

There are several ways to provide these documents to navces.

A check will be mailed to you within 2 weeks subject to terms and conditions.

Example Cash Back Rewards Program

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