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25% of every healthcare dollar goes to wasteful spending

Tom Emerick, Cracking Health Costs: How to Cut Your Company’s Health Costs and Provide Employees Better Care

12 million people—5% of adults who seek outpatient care—are misdiagnosed each year

The Washington Post

We are Doctors, Nurses, Care Guides & Patient Advocates here to guide you

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Not all providers are of the same quality and price between providers can vary up to 1600%!

Hospitals are not good at everything! Neurosurgery 99th Percentile — Bariatric 10th Percentile

Neurosurgery could be ranked 99th Percentile, but Bariatric Surgery only 10th Percentile

Exposing the True Quality and Cost of Healthcare

Earn cash rewards when using navces recommended High-Value Medical Providers

Helping patients navigate to High-Value Care at a Fair Price

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Ranking for Doctor Quality and Facility Quality—Huge Patient Savings

Chat, Click, or Call (833) 4-navces

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The healthcare system is complex — 52% of consumers are unable to navigate it alone

A good hospital does not always mean a good doctor

Bringing Transparency to Your Healthcare Spending

Lower Healthcare costs and improved quality of care.

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We help our members navigate the fragmented healthcare system—when things get “real”—to get to the best navces recommended High-Value Medical Providers for their issues quicker, faster, better, and easier at a Fair Price.

navces has a proven engagement methodology to maximize your healthcare dollar by combining Quality and Cost efficiencies with our medical team’s experience. Through our partnerships we use actionable data and analytics to guide and navigate members to navces recommended in-network High-Value Medical Providers—top Doctors, Hospitals, and Facilities for Procedures, Diagnostic Medical Tests, Treatments, Surgery, and Pregnancy—and we reward members financially for following our guidance.

Our navces Patient Advocates

navces Care Guidance will:


  1. Engage and redirect members to navces recommended High-Value Medical Providers for the best care at a Fair Price.
  2. Provide in-network Navigation and Access with guidance on complex procedures. 
  3. Organize members’ medical histories and review what has been done.
  4. Connect members with top doctors using multiple data points.
  5. Create a plan.
  6. Prepare and coach members to get the most from their appointments with navces recommended High-Value Medical Providers.
  7. Measure the cost of services using commercial insurance claims data to make sure you are getting a Fair Price.
  8. Follow up with the patient and communicate until the treatment, procedure, or surgery has been completed. 
  9. Navigate members through the healthcare system so they have access to the best care.
  10. For following our guidance and recommendations, members receive navces Incentive Rewards which can be used for medical expenses.

Services for Members

1. Patient Advocate Request

Your navces Patient Advocate can help you upload medical records; find a local Primary Care Physician (PCP), specialist, and/or second opinion; arrange a Health Navigation Consult call; and make calls to navigate for your healthcare.

2. My Medical History

Your medical history includes both your personal health history and your family health history. Your personal health history has details about any health problems you’ve ever had.

3. Medical History Summary

This will make doctor appointments more effective, especially if your health history is complicated. It will direct your doctor to listen more fully to the details that matter and that you might not remember to share.

When Life happens. When nothing matters more.

deaths each year


of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed

diagnostic errors annually


or 1 in 20 are misdiagnosed each year

Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, the National Academy of Medicine. Published 2015.


We saved over $15,000 on one employee alone…in one month. Plus she got better care. Healthcare is a mess. This was a game changer for our business.


It was amazing how much easier it became affording health insurance for my employees being a self-insured small to mid-sized business.


Going to the right doctor is always a problem. I never knew who was the best or where to go. Now I do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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