You are not alone.

Navigating the Way You Access Healthcare

Healthcare Navigation for Companies and Individuals

You are not alone.

“In today’s world if you do not know how to navigate the healthcare system and get to the best doctors to get the best outcome for your problem quicker, faster, better, and easier—then you are wasting time and monetary resources that you may not have.”

Our Patient Advocates

We are confident that our Patient Advocates’ unique experiences will absolutely be an asset to your health. navces is here to navigate you through the complexities of the medical system to the highest quality providers while providing coaching and preparation for your most important appointments in life.

Let us help you navigate the healthcare system for you.

My Medical History

Your medical history includes both your personal health history and your family health history. Your personal health history has details about any health problems you’ve ever had.

Patient Advocacy Request

Your Patient Advocate can help you upload medical records, find a local Primary Care Physician (PCP), specialist, second opinion, arrange a Health Navigation Consult call, make calls to navigate for your healthcare.

Medical History Summary

This will make doctor appointments more effective, especially if your health history is complicated. It will direct your doctor to listen more fully to the details that matter and you might not remember to share.


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