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Companies paying closer attention to employee health isn’t surprising. It cost about $16,000 per employee on average to provide health insurance family coverage in 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal (2022). That doesn’t include the $6,000 on average that an employee pays or any job-performance costs associated with workers who are unwell. 

Most employers do not realize that 6–8% of the members on their health plan are typically responsible for 80% of the medical claims that occur. Simply by intercepting and redirecting these members to navces recommended High-Value Medical Providers at a Fair Price, they can save thousands of dollars.

Employees have little experience in navigating the medical system and often find it difficult to access the right providers from the beginning. Because of this, we created navces (Navigation + Access) by Doctors for Employers to better navigate their Employees through a very challenging healthcare system.

We have seen it thousands of times before. We see it every day.

Patients are struggling to move through a very complex healthcare system.

We are a data-driven Patient Advocacy company. We protect patients by exposing the truth about price and quality variations between medical providers. We guide patients to help them make informed decisions when seeking medical care in a fragmented medical system. navces does the work. We find and rank the Highest Value in-network Medical Providers at a Fair Price. We then assist you in navigating to that level of care—quicker and faster than you can do it alone. We have solved this problem thousands of times for others.